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Back Buddies

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Online Registration Is Here

Online RegistrationThe Douglas County School District is pleased to announce Online Registration.  Beginning with the 23-24 school year, new and existing families will have the capability to register their student for school completely online. 

Here's an introductory video.


Ready to register?  Visit our Registration Page.


Lake Schools FAQs

Is the District closing ZCES or GWHS?
No. The District has no plans to close either school at this time.

Who is the principal of our school?
The District has hired Mr. Sean Ryan as the principal of the lake schools, and his assistant principal is Mr. Jim Pace.

How will our schools be supervised?
Mr. Ryan and Mr. Pace will each have an office at both schools. They will share supervision of both schools and work to create a supportive k-12 program and atmosphere for all students.

Why will there only be one principal for two schools?
It is the District's desire that the educational experience for K-12 students be seamless and integrated across both schools. By having one principal and one dedicated vice principal focused on programming the best experiences for all students in our lake schools it is our anticipation that K-5 students promoting from Zephyr will be fully prepared and ready to engage in the next step of their educational experiences at GWHS.

Who can I call with questions?
You may call the Superintendent, Keith Lewis, at 775-782-5134. You may email Mr. Ryan at or Mr. Pace at

What is going on with the grow dome?
The parent committee at ZCES purchased two 18' domes. They are installed and fully functional.

What is the plan for the future of the lake schools?
The superintendent will be working with the new administration to assess the current state of programming and enrollment and permit the new team to create a plan to increase enrollment and improve offerings. The superintendent will then be working with the Board, at their direction, to develop a long-term plan for the lake schools.

How will communication with the community occur?
The District will work to post information on the District website and the District Facebook page. The superintendent will work with local parents and community leaders to share out information as appropriate. The District will also feed information to the local media outlets. The new administrative team has been encouraged to set up a Parent Advisory Group to help determine the best direction for our lake schools in terms of offerings and programming.